Sightline Throwing Balls (3 Pack)

Sightline Throwing Balls (3 Pack)

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Sightline Throwing Balls (3 Pack)

They are perfect for training at any time of the year and great for competition warm up.

Our athletes and coaches use them both indoors and outdoors against a padded wall, into a net or just throw them! We do not recommend throwing directly against a wall as this will shorten the lifespan of this product. Air can be added to resize/reshape.

800g Training Pack: 1kg/800g/600g

700g Training Pack: 800g/700g/600g

600g Training Pack: 800g/600g/400g or 700g/600g/500g

500g Training Pack: 600g/500g/400g

Product Size:
400g - 7.0cm
500g - 7.0cm
600g - 7.3cm
700g - 7.8cm
800g - 8.3cm
1kg - 9.0cm